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Volunteer Testimonials From a program made possible with generous support from the Smithsonian Women’s committee

Luke Linhoff“I wear a lab coat and carefully handle frogs all day at my job in Omaha. So, getting down and dirty with a saw, hammer and the tropical sun was excellent fun. It was a fantastic experience to do direct conservation work on the ‘front lines’ of the chytrid epidemic. I highly recommend for someone to volunteer at Summit. The staff were wonderful, the frogs were beautiful, and I really got to practice my skills.”

Luke Linhoff (September 2010)

Jeff Coulter“I was really excited when I heard about the project. The fact that the Smithsonian Women’s Committee made it possible for a volunteer program to exist is a marvelous thing. To be able to come down here, to help out and make a difference has been the experience of a lifetime.”

Jeff Coulter (August 2010)

Rick Quintero“I would definitely recommend others to volunteer. If people do not get involved with this project, dozens of species of amphibians will be lost from the planet forever. We have only scratched the surface as to what the implications of these extinctions could have on these environments. It doesn’t get much more important than that. You’ll have a sense of fulfillment and appreciation knowing that you’ve been part of something that is globally important.”

Rick Quintero (May 2010)

Lauren Augustine“Volunteering for the rescue project is a great way to see the kind of work it takes to care for amphibians, as well as how much work it takes—from grant writing to insect propagation—to save the frogs. This was an amazing experience for me, mostly because I work with several Panamanian species in New York. It was very motivating to help in situ. I am so proud of the project and that I was able to contribute.”

Lauren Augustine (February 2010)

Jessica Hite“Working internationally is always a rewarding experience and helps open our eyes to all the diversity in the world—not just biodiversity, but also life in general. My favorite part was working closely with the frogs, who all have such amazing personalities. This really helped me understand that each frog is unique and has special needs that should inform the husbandry. Captive breeding programs are a crucial part of any attempts to protect these ancient and beautiful species.”

Jessica Hite (December 2009 – June 2010)

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