Horned Marsupial Frog

gastrotheca_cornuta (c) Joel Sartore

Gastrotheca cornuta –  Horned marsupial frog

IUCN redlist status: Endangered

Panama National Amphibian Conservation Action Plan: High Priority

gastrotheca_cornutaThis species occurs in humid lowland and premontane forests from central Costa Rica, Panama, & Colombia, to western Ecuador. It lives in trees and the female carries fertilized eggs in a pouch on her back, hence the name marsupial frog. The large eggs develop directly and hatch as fully developed frogs.

Status in the wild: This species has declined significantly throughout its range. It Gastrotheca cornutais thought to be highly susceptible to chytridiomycosis, and habitat modification for agriculture.  This species is listed as a high priority for conservation in Panama’s National Amphibian Conservation Action Plan.

Status in captivity: A full target founding population of this species is breeding successfully in Panama.