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Sept 27 Silence of the Frogs Golden Goose Awards

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Feb 13 A Ban on Salamanders Is Just Part of the Fight Against This Deadly Fungus. Smithsonian Magazine

Jan 7 Farming frogs can save them from Extinction. Take Part


Dec 31 Building noahs arks for Panamas amphibians with Heidi Ross Conservation Carreers

Nov 11 The Amphibian Research and Conservation Centre – a successful amphibian conservation initiative in Panama Frogs and Friends.

July 30 What it’s like to watch a species go extinct. Wired

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Dec 31 Scientists try to save the frogs as time runs out Washington Post

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Sept 3, 2012 The final wave of the Golden Frog The Guardian Newspaper

August 20, 2012 La rana dorada panameña, en situación crítica a causa de un hongo mortal El Nuevo Herald (and 23 related articles covering Golden Frog Day in Spanish publications).

August 15, 2012 Celebration of Golden Frog Day Held in Panama Xinhuanet (China)

August 15, 2012 Panama trying to save the golden frog THV Tv

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Oct 30 Smithsonian documentary features JMU professor and students’ efforts to cure deadly amphibian disease

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June 11 Factbox: Frog chytrid, bane of endangered amphibians Reuters

June 11 Frog Faces Last Stand in Panama Against Killer Fungus Reuters

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April 27 Smithsonian Snapshot: Strawberry Dart Frog We love DC

Feb 28 Breeding Rare Toads for an Amphibian Ark Zooborns

Feb 24 Zoo team returns from Panama frog trip Colorado Connection (Fox 21)

Feb 10 Zoo team heads to Panama to save frogs Colorado Connection (Fox 21)

Winter 2011 Rescue at Toad Mountain Defenders of Wildlife Magazine (with great online slideshow)


December 6 Bedrohte Baumfrösche leben zur Nachzucht im Labor Welt (German)

December 4 Heska pledges $25,000 to contest winner Coloradoan

November 19 Reprodução em cativeiro para salvar rã ameaçada DNCIENCIA

November 18 Endangered tree frog bred for the first time New Scientist.

October 26 The international trade in frog legs and the spread of amphibian pathogens Ecological Society of America Podcast (Panama project discussed at end)

October 14 Pocket Frogs hits 2m downloads, adds social features, raises money for real-life frogs TUAW

August 24 Nuevas especies de ranas desafían a la ciencia Hora Cero

August 17 Amphibian Rescue Effort 9 News WUSA (CBS)

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July 22 Top 10 Science Volunteer Positions Around the Smithsonian Smithsonian Magazine

June Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Newsletter

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May 20 Contenedores refrigerados ayudan a salvar a anfibios en América La Estrella

May 10 Panamanian Golden Frog Threatened by Rapidly-Spreading Fungus National Geographic Inside Wild

May 7  Contenedores refrigerados ayudan a salvar a anfibios en América Nacion

April 23 Una verde distinción Ellas

April 23 Shipping industry sends help as project in Panama tackles amphibian crisis Smithsonian Science

April 15 New lizard species named for Smithsonian scientist The Torch

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December 15 Survey flags up wildlife decline in Panama jungles Cool Earth

December 10 What should Obama do with the Nobel Money? Washington Post

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December 7 Científicos advierten grave amenaza para las ranas en Panamá

December 7 Descubren en Panamá hongo letal para ranas Milenio

December 7 Descubrieron hongo quítrido en ranas de Panamá Hora Cero (Panama)

December 4  Urgent fight against frog fungus may be too late Associated Press carried in 11 outlets.

December 4 Time running out for many amphibians Colorado springs Gazette

December 4 Lucha contra micosis en ranas empezó demasiado tarde

November 25 Un hongo amenaza la supervivencia de las ranas, con ayuda de los gastrónomos EFE

October 25 Amphibian Ark Husbandry Essentials Workshop, El Valle de Anton, Panama, October 23-25 Amphibian Ark newsletter

October 23 Life and death play out on skins of frogs Science Magazine

October 19th Catching a killer one spore at a time Science Codex

October 17th There’s a fungus among us National Geographic Weekend Radio www.NGWeekend.comSeptember 19th Probiotics Radio Interview with Reid Harris and Kevin Minbiole With Good Reason

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May 16 Partners Launch Panama Amphibian Rescue, Conservation Project Philanthropy News Digest

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May 15 Fighting amphibian extinctions (blog)

May 14 Zoo leaps into action to save amphibians Stoneham Sun

May 13 Scientists to rescue frogs Panama Star

May 12 Frog Fungus the Latest in Worldwide Amphibian Declines Spatial Sustain (blog)

May 12 Eight Institutions Join Together to Save Amphibians with the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project AZA news

May 11 Project launched to fight frog-killing fungus AP (carried by 183 outlets)

May 11 Inician proyecto para combatir hongo que mata ranas AP piece in Spanish

May 11 Artenschützer wollen Frösche vor Pilzerkrankung retten AP piece in German

May 11 Zoo is part of effort going to Panama to rescue frog species Colorado Springs Gazette

May 11 Photos of the Day Christian Science Monitor

May 11 Smithsonian starts frog rescue project Washington Times

March/April Leaping to their Aid Zoogoer

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