This is a list of scientific papers involving Panamanian amphibians and Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project staff or implementation team members as collaborators.

Gratwicke B., Ross H., Batista A., Chaves G., Crawford A.J., Elizondo L., Estrada A., Evans M., Garelle, D., Guerrel J., Hertz A., Hughey M.,  Jaramillo C. A., Klocke B., Mandica M., Medina D.,  Richards-Zawacki C. L, . Ryan M. J, Sosa-Bartuano A., Voyles J.,  Walker B.,  Woodhams D. C.,  and R. Ibáñez (2015). Evaluating the probability of avoiding disease‐related extinctions of Panamanian amphibians through captive breeding programs. Animal Conservation. DOI: 10.1111/acv.12249

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Pessier, A. P., Baitchman, E. J., Crump, P., Wilson, B., Griffith, E. & Ross, H. (2014). Causes of mortality in anuran amphibians from an ex situ survival assurance colony in Panama. Zoo Biology 10.1002/zoo.21166, n/a.

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