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Bicolored frog (Clinotarsus curtipes)

Bicolored frog (Clinotarsus curtipes)

Cute Frog of the Week: Monday, Sept. 17

Perfect for pumpkin season, the bicolored frog’s color coordinates with hues of the holiday of haunts and boos. While cute, the bicolored frog looks like a caped villain with red ringed eyes. Its back is covered in burnt orange or light brown, while its belly is dark brown. This dual display of color gives the frog its name.

Bicolored frogs are found in forests throughout the Western Ghats, a mountain range in India. While inhabiting a large range, the species’ numbers are declining. Its habitat is razed to make way for large plantations. It is also in danger of road deaths during its breeding season when it migrates to breeding areas. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists it as near threatened and India is setting the stage for recovery efforts by listing it as a protected species. While subject to risks of human activity, bicolored frogs evade predators by playing dead!

Photo by L. Shyamal Shyamal.

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