Do not disturb.

Sachatamia (Sachatamia punctulata)

Sachatamia (Sachatamia punctulata)

Cute Frog of the Week: April 9, 2012

Or, at least, do not disturb the sachatamia’s (Sachatamia punctulata) habitat. That’s because this Colombian frog is picky about where it lays its eggs: only in gallery forest on leaves that overhang water. Once they hatch, the tadpoles drop from that perch into the water to finish growing up. This means that habitat loss and fragmentation, particularly due to agriculture, are an important threat to this frog. Currently, none of its habitat is protected. It is also vulnerable to small white flies that lay their eggs within sachatamia eggs.

Photo by Victor Fabio Luna-Mora via Arkive.

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