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Powder blue reed frog (Heterixalus madagasariensis)

Powder blue reed frog (Heterixalus madagasariensis)

Cute Frog of the Week: February 20, 2012

It’s pretty evident that this frog is quite a stunning find. Native to Madagascar, the powder blue reed frog’s color varies from tan to light blue on their backs, and they often appear whitish in bright sunlight. Their abdomens are a very pale whitish-yellow, while the undersides of their limbs are orange. A dark band sits between the eye and snout.

Fairly common, these semi-arboreal frogs prefer to live in a variety of areas ranging from drier sandy lowland dunes/forests and along rainforest edges, to deforested areas around croplands, villages and more urban habitats along the eastern coast of the island.

These are small and agile frogs that can jump over a large distance, though they tend to sleep for most of the day among vegetation.

Photo by Gonçalo M. Rosa via ARKive.

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