The mustachioed frog.

Bright eyed frog (Boophis albilabris)

White-lipped bright eyed frog (Boophis albilabris)

Cute Frog of the Week: August 1, 2011

This red-eyed frog looks like it should be in a “got milk?” advertisement with its identifying white line above its upper lip, much like a milk mustache. While the white-lipped bright eyed frog (Boophis albilabris) may not be mighty in size at 3 inches long, it is fairly large in numbers. It is common in its home range of Madagascar where it generally lives near freshwater streams in rainforests.

Males call from their perches in trees above the streams to attract females during the breeding season. The breeding season is a frenzy of egg-laying activity. The bright-eyed frog can easily lay up to 400 eggs in a stream—or even in a trickle of water! Although IUCN considers this species to be of least concern, habitat loss and fragmentation are contributing to a population decline.

Photo by Gonçalo M. Rosa via ARKive.

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