Feelin’ festive.

Small tree frog (Rhacophorus lateralis)

Small tree frog (Rhacophorus lateralis)

Cute Frog of the Week: December 24, 2012

The small tree frog species sports its holiday cheer with its vibrant red and green coloration. However, this frog is as mysterious as Santa Claus himself. The species was discovered in the late 1800s, but it had not been seen until 2000 when a research team rediscovered it living in the Western Ghats region of India. Found only in tropical rainforests and deciduous forests of this region, this arboreal tree frog breeds on vegetation overhanging small pools where the tadpoles eventually develop. Researchers have noted that the small tree frog can change color within 5 seconds (bright brown and/or coffee-colored spots) when handled. Because of habitat loss, the species is currently registered as endangered by the IUCN.

Photo by Sunil Sachi M.J. via Arkive.

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