Life is a leaf pile.

Striped rocket frog (Colostethus talamancae)

Striped rocket frog (Colostethus talamancae)

Cute Frog of the Week: May 28, 2012

Remember playing in piles of fall leaves as a kid? Leaf litter is where the striped rocket frog (Allobates talamancae) spends much of its time. That’s also where it lays its eggs; after hatching parents carry the tadpoles to streams to finish growing. Rocket frogs get their name from the quick reflexes they use to leap into the water when startled. This particular rocket frog is brown and white with a bumpy back. Males have black throats, while females have cream-colored throats. These frogs are found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador, although scientists suspect the population in Ecuador may actually be a slightly different species.

Photo by Jake Kirkland via Flickr.

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