Activities for teachers

Welcome! In this section of the website you will find several inquiry-based lesson plans about Panamanian amphibians that fit into a standard science curriculum. You can use them as stand-alone activities, or as an introduction to the amphibian exhibits at Punta Culebra Nature Center in Panama City and the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center at the El Nispero Zoo in El Valle de Anton. The exhibits display many frog species native to Panama in replicas of their natural habitat and feature ongoing research and conservation efforts that are underway in Panama.

These activities encompass a variety of age and ability levels, and introduce students to key concepts covering natural history, the amphibian life cycle, and conservation. We include suggestions to adapt lessons for beginning learners, or for more advanced audiences seeking a challenge. These activities are designed for classrooms with minimal materials. We hope that this will be a tool to help students engage in biodiversity and conservation issues in fun ways!

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