Gamboa ARCC

Gamboa Amphibian Research and Conservation Center (Gamboa ARCC).

In 2008 we established a second facility to expand our capacity to breed endangered amphibians in Panama. Now based at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s Gamboa Field Station, the Gamboa Amphibian Research and Conservation Center complements its sister facility, the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center and adds significant capacity to implement Panama’s National Amphibian Action Plan. The new facility is scheduled to open fully in April 2015.

The new facility has 7 modified shipping containers to hold amphibians, a dedicated laboratory and quarantine facility, offices and a small exhibition niche.

Side view of facility

Directions: This facility is not open to the general public, but is located on the corner of Jadwin Avenue and Morrow Boulevard, Gamboa. A small exhibition niche will be open to the public in the near future.

Contact: Dr Roberto Ibanez Phone: 212-8222

Email: Dr Roberto Ibanez, Director of the Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project ibanezr[at]

Priority Conservation Species:

Atelopus limosus

Atelopus certus

Atelopus glyphus

Andinobates geminisae

Oophaga vicentei

Craugastor sp nov

2 thoughts on “Gamboa ARCC

  1. Our group: Students Without Borders Academy has been following your progress and mission. We will be visiting Gamboa January 1 2016. We will be driving by just to see the facility – It would be wonderful if there was someone to say hello to us and give us an update – perhaps 10-15 minutes. We understand you do not let groups in – but it would be a shame for us to go that far and not be able to shake a hand and have a word… is there a feeding time in the afternoon? we will be touring in the canal and then driving through Gamboa town… any thoughts, ideas? Do you still have an exhibit at the Culebra site? Here is to HOPING! – Dave

  2. Sorry David – I only just saw this. i hope you got in. It’s best to use the contact page for email addresses on our website than comments.

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