Amphibian Conservation Center at the Nispero Zoo

The amphibian conservation center at the Nispero Zoo was constructed in 2007 under the leadership of the Houston Zoo who had been rescuing frogs in the area since 2006 as chytridiomycosis swept through the region wiping out frogs as it spread. The project began in hotel rooms at the hotel Campestre while a consortium of zoo partners led by the Houston Zoo helped raise funding and formed a partnership with the Nispero Zoo who provided a home for the new facility.

Gamboa Amphibian Research and Conservation CenterThe Gamboa Amphibian Research and Conservation Center (Gamboa ARCC)  establishing a second ex-situ facility to compliment EVACC was the first priority of the newly formed Panama Amphibian Rescue Project in 2008.  The first frogs were housed in modified shipping containers or amphibian rescue pods at the Summit Municipal Park and were moved to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute field station in Gamboa in 2013.

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