AZA Updates Amphibian Husbandry Guide

Amphibian Husbandry Resource Guide

The AZA has released an updated Amphibian Husbandry Resource Guide, a user-friendly source to aid in the development of successful amphibian conservation programs. With more thna 6,900 species of amphibians in the world, there is still much to be learned about their natural history and captive husbandry requirements. This lack of information and expertise can impede the urgent action needed for the 500+ threatened species in risk of disappearing within the immediate future. The zoological community and private sector have made great strides within the last two decades regarding amphibian husbandry and reproduction techniques, and will continue to develop new and innovative methods each year. However, as amphibian populations wane, it’s important to quickly and effectively pool resources, share expertise and learn from shared experiences to effectively remain ahead of the extinction tide. You can find a rich array of other resources on amphibians on the AZA website.

Cindy Hoffman, Defenders of Wildlife